Lynn Bassini MA OTR CHT

Lynn Bassini Certified Hand Therapy, OT, PC Empire State Occupational Therapy, PC


Postoperative Recovery

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Patients may be referred within 24 hours from surgery or injury for management of the wound, fabrication of splints and early rehabilitation, including edema control, scar tissue remodeling and a graded exercise program designed for the early stages of rehabilitation.
Our therapists provide individualized and very caring treatment and remain in contact with the physician as needed.


Non Surgical Rehabilitation

Hands Therapy


A careful treatment plan is developed by the therapist, for each patient. It may include a variety of exercises, modalities, posture training and a home program. All areas will be assessed such as swelling, pain, scar, range of motion, strength, fine motor and dexterity, sensation, joint protection and energy conservation techniques, repetitive injuries, deformities, improving daily lives through adaptive techniques, ergonomic and biomechanical training. A patient may be returning to a very active professional life in sports or music or may have sustained a work injury or car accident. Our patients come from a large range of professions and lifestyles, and these are addressed so that the patient can return to their prior level of activity and life routine. An injury or pain may also arise following repetitive use of the hand at home, work, sports or using electronic devices.
All patients are given a home program which is modified as the patient improves. Thorough evaluation, early care and an effective treatment plan will result in positive outcomes, reduced overall treatment time and decreased medical cost.


Splinting, Orthotics, and Casting

Casting Splinting and Orthotics Childrens Splint


Industry Consultation

Ergonomic and Biomechanical consultation by appointment.